Congratulations Ben

Created on 07/05/19

Very well done to wee Benny Boy Durnin who passed his driving test on 9th October 2018 on his first attempt and with only two driving faults. 
I’m always happy when a client passes their driving test but more so with this particular client because over that past couple of months he has taken advantage of my overly generous family discount, almost bankrupting me in the process and so I’m delighted to see the back of him!! 
I passed my own driving test a couple of days before this wee guy turned two (when he was actually wee) so it’s kinda special that he passes on the day when I celebrate my 25th birthday for the 12th year in a row. 
Very well done Ben, thanks for no ruining my birthday. Keep in touch and all that! Drive safe and see you on the road!

Ben Durnin



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