Tuition Car 2019

Learn to drive in the new Ford Focus!


My pricing structure is constantly reviewed to remain competitive. While I appreciate that there will be cheaper options available, these prices still offer ridiculously good value for money when you consider the exceptional service I provide.

I constantly look for new ways to improve teaching techniques and make the learning experience easier and quicker for my clients. Compared to competitiors that offer lower hourly rates, I can end up saving you money in the long run if you pass your driving test in fewer lessons than average and with fewer attempts at the driving test.


  • 90 minute lesson..............................£63

             (comparative hourly rate - £42)

    Pre paid blocks of lessons can be purchased in any amount.  A block booking of 10 lessons is traditionaly the most common amount and would be charged at 10 x £63.  (Ten 90 minute lessons is 15 hours tuition)


All customers receive FREE access to an online theory revision site, saving you from having to buy expensive CD-roms and/or DVD's... 

To book, email