A Quick Word From Derek:

"To be honest, this is the most important page on the whole site. 

This is where the people I've helped on their way to driving safely and passing their test have their say.  This is what my job is really all about: my customers and helping them to acheive their goals. I'm very proud of what they've got to say."





"I had some previous driving experience before meeting Derek and one of the things that stands out in my mind was during my first lesson with him and he said "wouldn't it be great if we learned without making mistakes?". That sums up completely Derek's attitude. With patience and guidance Derek is able to support you towards driving well independently.  There is never negative judgement, just constructive points to improve your driving.  Great guy, can't recommend him enough to anyone learning to drive. So much so that my son, who is my most precious person, is now also learning to drive with him. I am confident that under his instruction he is in VERY capable hands. Can't thank you enough for everything Derek. I now have my full driving licence and feel well equipped for any challenges that lie ahead as a result of your continued patience, knowledge and good humour... Yes sarcasm is humour after all. Thank you again."

Christine Cameron, Riddrie.


"Derek was recommended to me by a friend and now I recommend him to others - which says it all. It took me several instructors to find one that helped me learn to drive in a supportive way. I'm glad I persisted! From someone who said they would never learn to drive, I can't believe that I just passed my test first time (I hope they don't phone me and say it was a mistake). 

The service Derek provides is top notch - including text reminders in the morning, pulling over to explain driving theory on his iPad and simultaneously being professional and relaxed. He always has time to answer any driving questions (and I've still to find one he didn't know the answer to! Pretty convinced he reads the Highway Code every night). He also puts up with bad jokes which is a bonus."

Lynn Pilkington, City centre.


"Derek taught me to drive from scratch with no previous experience. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He is brilliant. Highly professional, very patient and understanding (and I asked a lot of questions, sometimes the same one a few times!) and I found that he put me totally at ease. He prepared me well for my theory test and he knew when I was ready to sit my driving test. His explanations are thorough and I found the debriefs at the end of each lesson great as I knew exactly what I needed to work on. He takes you on a mixture of roads and pushed me with the more challenging routes and roundabouts. Definitely recommend his training to friends and family! Cheers Derek!"

Ryan Patterson, Dennistoun.


"Genuinely such a great instructor! Could not recommend Derek enough. He is patient, he is understanding and he is approachable. I was never made to feel stupid asking a million questions during a lesson (which was all the time) and he also dealt with my dramatics very well! Derek got me to a point where I was confidently making my own decisions on the road, something I really struggled with throughout my lessons. He made lessons enjoyable with a perfect mix of humour and professionalism, really can’t fault him!"

Erin McGreechin, Baillieston.


"I can’t recommend enough! Having had a couple of previous instructors, Dereks approach to teaching was like a breath of fresh air. Always calm, encouraging, professional and patient, my experience as his pupil was great so much so that I passed first time! Thanks again for everything."

Linda Brown, Tollcross.


"I can't recommend Derek enough. He's a fantastic instructor who effortlessly provides a calm and relaxed atmosphere. He's incredibly patient and always happy to answer questions, and helped me to pass my practical test in just a few months. The debrief at the end of each lesson as well as asking what I'd like to focus on each lesson helped me gain confidence very quickly."

Gary Crawford, Tollcross.


"Could not recommend Derek enough!! Last year I started my lessons without a clue and really nervous behind the wheel. Today I passed my test first time! He is very patient, doesn't just give you all the answers, let's you come to the conclusions yourself, which means you actually learn how to drive, and you aren't just doing the bare minimum to pass the test. My confidence on the road has skyrocketed with Derek as an instructor, now I just need to learn how to deal when he's not in the car!!"

Aimee McLean, Dennistoun.


"Derek is honestly an awesome instructor. After struggling with a previous instructor for over a year and a half and failing my test a few times I was nervous, and completely lacked any confidence. I finally bit the bullet and booked a couple lessons with Derek and immediately seen a difference in my driving. He's calm and super friendly but he's also firm and makes you reflect on your mistakes yourself rather than just immediately telling you that you done something wrong. And through his teaching I finally passed my test! 
Seriously, best instructor ever!"

Shannon McFarlance, Calton.


"Having done 10 lessons split between two different instructors and finding the going quite tough I stumbled upon Derek. From the very first taster lesson I knew that he was the instructor that would get me ready to pass my test. He was extremely professional and made me feel at ease from the word go. Today I passed my test on the first attempt and I honestly believe this was down to my instructor. Get booked up!!!"

Steven, O'Donnell, Dennistoun.


"I would highly recommend Derek for lessons I was petrified in a car and now with his patience I passed my test and couldn’t have done it without him. Now am on the road thank to him."

Cheryl Samson, Cambuslang.

"Derek is a brilliant instructor. He's friendly, calm and puts you at ease. He makes you think about your mistakes rather than just telling you how to fix them straight away, so you actually learn how to do it right next time. I've had lessons with other instructors on and off for years, but Derek really helped me actually enjoy driving so this time I stuck with it and passed first time. Would recommend him every time! Thanks Derek!"

Eileen Kerr, Dennistoun.


"Thank you so much for every bit of help and support and listening to my daftness. 100% actually 110% would recommend Derek to anyone. Felt at ease in every lesson, not only helping you correct any faults but giving good feedback also. Again thank you."

Kira Tootle, Tollcross.


"I had already had some driving lessons before I moved to Glasgow for work, and was a bit worried about a change in instructor. I was quite anxious as well about driving, but Derek was very relaxed and put me at my ease. He let me take my time in learning to drive. He was very patient when I made mistakes and so I felt able to persevere with driving. Thanks very much to Derek for his tuition and getting me through  the test!"

Rose Widdowson, Dennistoun.

"Couldn’t recommend doing lessons with Derek more as his help, advice and patience helped develop the skills and confidence necessary to pass first time."

Lee Hannah, Baillieston.

"So glad I changed instructors. Derek gives clear instructions, very effective with his hour lesson and my confidence and ability grew every lesson. I grew to love how to drive as well.I wish I found Derek sooner. Worth every penny too."

Marianna Mok, Dennistoun.


"Couldn’t recommend Derek enough! .. made me feel completely at ease, confidence grew in a short space of time and passed with no problems!! Top class instructor, really professional , get booked up ASAP! Thanks again Derek!" 

Shelby Tobin, Mount Vernon.


"I couldn’t recommend enough. Passed my test today and all thanks to Derek. Since day one I enjoyed my lessons because of how calm Derek was and how much I learnt during my lessons, he built my confidence up in everything i was worried about, and just all in a great instructor."

Amy Murray, Baillieston.


"Would tell anyone to take lessons with Derek, has the patience of a saint and an amazing instructor and really couldn’t recommend him enough."

Carys Alston, Garrowhill.


"Brilliant Instructor! Quickly picks up on your pace and follows it. Very pleased and happy with my training, passed the first time! Thank you Derek"

Nick Tarielashvili, Parkhead.


"Top man, couldn’t recommend him enough! Cheers Derek"

Tyler Tobin, Mount Vernon.



"Derek was brilliant, since the 1st lesson made me feel comfortable and it was so easy to learn from him.
Passed my test 1st time with him, would recommend him to anyone.

Cheers Derek."

 Paul Fowler, Glasgow.



"Derek let me learn at my own pace while still pushing me to progress each lesson. I am quite a nervous driver but he made me feel at ease and answered all my stupid questions with patience! I can’t recommend him enough."

Sophie Connelly, Carntyne.



"Highly recommend Derek, top instructor and full of the banter. Will pass nae bother with him in the passenger seat."

Matthew Wallace, Barlanark.



"Derek is the guy to go for if you really want to learn to drive not just to pass! He is always relaxed and makes you reflect on what you did to learn, instead of just telling what you did wrong! After attempting to pass back home and failing three times, i think it is telling that I passed first time in the UK! He knows his stuff and has a not too bad of a chat too! Probably that is why he always has a waiting list! I wont say I would definitely do it again, cause I don’t have to, but recommend him 100%!!!"

Kate Dreiblathena, Dennistoun.


"Great instructor gave me lots of confidence and lead me to pass my test first time! Always helpful and a great teacher!"

Mark Symes, Bridgeton.


"Great instructor.  I was a nervous wreck and he put me at ease within my first lesson and got me through my test first time.  Cannot recommend this guy enough."       

Kimberley Stoddart, Bridgeton.



"I had some previous experience of driving with another instructor and was nervous in case Derek had a different teaching style. However, as soon as I stepped in the car there was an instantly relaxed atmosphere. Derek let me go at my own pace and choose my objectives for each lesson, meaning anything I felt weak at I was allowed to repeat until I had improved. In any intense situation, Derek remained extremely calm and reassured me constantly! I couldn't have asked for a better teacher.  A friend as well as an instructor!"

Emma, Dennistoun



"I highly recommend Derek, at first I was really nervous about driving another car other than my own car I had been practising in but after my first lesson I felt really comfortable in his car. I liked the fact i could briefly discuss how each lesson had went at the end with him. He helped me gain the confidence I needed to pass my test. Very easy to talk to and excellent instructor with lots of patience."

Jade Reilly



"I decided to take lessons with Derek Richards Driver Training on the recommendation of a friend. 

Prior to this I had a less than positive experience when I took an introductory lesson with a different instructor at another driving school. 
Derek immediately made me feel at ease and instilled confidence in me. During lessons I was encouraged to question my own manoeuvres and any mistakes in a constructive way. I felt that my driving skills progressed really quickly and thanks to his patience I passed the test at my very first attempt. 

I would have no hesitation in recommending anyone to learn to drive with him."

Stacey, Moodiesburn


"Really grateful to Derek for being patient and calm throughout my lessons. It was particularly important after having unpleasant experiences in the past with previous instructors. Nothing was too much trouble and he always asked what I wanted to work on as opposed to doing the same thing each lesson. This really helped to improve my confidence. Thank you!"

Alex, City Centre



"I was recommended Derek through a friend as I had little success with a previous instructor. Derek was extremely patient, each lesson went at my own pace and I passed first time! Fantastic driving instructor and a great car to learn in."

Kirsty, Carntyne



"I can highly recommend Derek Richards as a driving instructor and can't thank him enough for ensuring I passed my test first time.  He had all the attributes you would expect in a driving instructor; patience, instils confidence and completely puts you at ease.  Thank you Derek."

Nicole, Baillieston



"Derek is a fantastic driving instructor, his approach to teaching is fun and intuitive.  He made it easy as a beginner which built my confidence quickly.  Highly recommended."

Darren, Cumbernauld 



“Great driving instructor, would highly recommend to anyone. Makes you feel comfortable from the start, easy to talk too and has a lot of patience.”

Kathryn McQuillan, Stepps



“Just want to say a massive thanks to Derek for all his hard work and patience, such a good driving instructor.  Would recommend to anyone. Thanks for helping me to get back on road.”

Heather McGinty, Garrowhill



“Derek is the best driving instructor I've ever had and somehow managed to help me pass first time. Would recommend to anyone who wants to start learning.”

Joe Murray, Southside



“Fantastic instructor.  Would 100% recommend Derek”

Elaine McBrearty, Castlemilk



“Excellent instructor.  Makes you feel really comfortable.  Teaches you in a way that everyone can understand.”

Michelle McFarlane, Blackhill



“Great instructor, patient and honest. Would recommend him to anyone!”

Jason Stevenson, Cambuslang



“Would highly recommend Derek!  Great instructor, makes you feel comfortable and makes everything easy to learn.”

Kirsty McFarlane, Blackhill



“Derek was a great instructor. Patient, informative, honest and a very nice guy.”

Charlie Murdoch, Bridgeton



"Hell of a nice guy. 16.5 hours and passed first time. Added bonus, he's a mighty boosh fan."

Johnny Keel, Glasgow.



"Great instructor, highly recommended. Comfortable in the car from lesson one, Derek's easy to talk to and is overall a great guy."

Nichola Mulheron, Sandyhills.



"Great Driving instructor. Highly recommended by friends and family, Derek lived up to the high expectations."

Alana Peer, Cambuslang.



"Would 100% recommend Derek as a driving instructor. A calm instructor who put up with my moans and emotional outbursts. Best instructor about."

Rachel Hendry, Mount Vernon.



"Derek is an excellent instructor; extremely patient, easy-going and a good laugh too. He'll get you passed."

Steph Shiels, Dennistoun.


"Genuinely nice guy, who quickly made me feel at ease. Looked forward to my lessons with Derek! Passed first time and would recommend him to anyone."

Sharyl Alexander, Dennistoun.


"Would recommend 100%, very patient and explained even the simplest of things clearly to a dafty like me. I passed first time with 5 minors"

Alan Gordon, Tollcross.


"Derek is a brilliant instructor. If you want to learn to drive he is the guy to teach you. Thanks again Derek."

Declan Connor, Riddrie.


"Couldn't ask for better driving instructor - Derek made me feel comfortable instantly and was incredibly patient throughout all our lessons (Even the ones that included far too many parallel parks!) Would recommend him highly to anyone who wanted to learn - Thanks Derek!"

Sophie Rocks, Glasgow.


"I was the most nervous driver ever and thanks to Dereks patience and humour I was finally able to pass my driving test. I still can't believe it! I would recommend Derek to anyone although his taste in music is terrible haha just kidding."

Jenna Omand, Baillieston.


"I failed my cycling proficiency and this guy helped me learn how to drive on four wheels - you can't say better than that. But seriously awesome instructor, great guy and would fully recommend!"

Isla McTear, Swinton.


"Took 3 years away from driving lessons and came back to pass first time after 3 fast months of lessons. Great instructor with the patience of a saint, always made me feel at ease when I was freaking out."

Brogan Watt, Tollcross.


"Derek is a brilliant instructor. I could not recommend him enough if you are looking to learn to drive. He helped me over come my fear of driving and i passed first time!"

Fiona Thomson, Cambuslang.


"Very patient and encouraging instructor and totally puts you at ease behind the wheel. Thanks a million!!"

Rua Macmillan, Dennistoun.


"Highly recommend Derek. Every lesson was comfortable and enjoyable. Really easy to talk to."

Nicole Adams, Bridgeton.


"Great instructor, and I would advise anyone looking for lessons to go with Derek."

Peter Geary, Tollcross.


"Great instructor. I would highly recommend to anyone. Very patient and knows his stuff. Passed first time thanks to Derek."

Paul Gilmour, Riddrie.


"Great instructor very professional,got me were I needed to be ....First time toot too . Thank you ,highly recommend."

Ela McHendry, Parkhead.